Benjamin Roustaing

Benjamin Roustaing - Composer / Lyricist / Topliner / Producer / Artist

Benjamin Roustaing was born in France but grew up in London, always surrounded by music. He was first discovered when he sang on a demo from one of his first manager’s producers. Benjamin has since been given the opportunity to write extensively in Nashville, L.A., London and his new home town Stockholm.

Benjamin’s strength lies in the focus he puts on the song itself , something that he has learned to appreciate from various trips to Nashville’s Music Row. He writes mostly for dance, pop, singer/songwriter and indie genres. Since Benjamin signed with Freebird, he has been involved in Robin Stjernberg’s latest EP and several other projects with artists such as Meghan Thee Stallion and Oscar Enestad. Benjamin has also released a couple of tracks under his own artist project Benjamin Roustaing to the listeners’ appreciation. He is also a part of the new band project ohFrank, together with Robin Stjernberg.

Benjamin Roustaing Playlist (Spotify)