Robin Stjernberg

Robin Stjernberg - Composer / Lyricist / Topliner / Producer / Artist

Robin Stjernberg, has besides his own songs as an artist secured cuts with a long string of artists such as Estraden, Megan Thee Stallion, Sandro Cavazza, Jill Johnson, Benjamin Roustaing,  Anna Bergendahl, Robin Bengtsson, The Mamas, Doug Seegers, Steerner, Niello, Lisa Ajax, Omar Rudberg, Oscar Enestad, Pawl, Martin Almgren, Sergio Sylvestre and the list goes on.

Robin Stjernberg has won Melodifestivalen twice as a songwriter.
The first time also as an artist with the song “You”. Robin Stjernberg’s breakthrough came in 2011 when he finished second place in Swedish Idol. The debut album which was released shortly after Idol went straight to no.1 and the following years Robin Stjernberg developed his songwriting and producer skills in various writer collaborations.

Stjernberg has spent his last years travelling back and forth between Sweden and Nashville, where he, apart from having received a lot of adulation, has collaborated with award winning writers like Liz Rose, Gordie Sampson, Burt Butler and Matt Mcginn. Robin's melodies are unpredictable, timeless, grand, beautiful, classic and cross-boundary.

In January 2021, Robin released his first solo single in a while, "Pretty". The song was also released in a remix version in February, "Pretty - Latte Mix".