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  • Hannes Aitman’s love for music began early in life and already at the age of six he had written his first song. Trough a blend of his mom and dads taste in music, Hannes was hooked on Rock music including bands like KISS, Twisted Sister and Guns N’ Roses.
  • Despite his love for music and instruments, It wasn’t until the age of 13 that Hannes put the “air guitar” down and began teaching himself the guitar, not long after that, the real songwriting made its appearance. After being introduced to artists like Springsteen, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan he knew that Americana was the genre closest to heart and the songwriting developed accordingly.
  • Hannes believes in making music that makes people feel something within, which often presents itself through his deep lyrics and touching melodies. The organic, old-school sound sounds like it is taken from a different era of time, but being born in the 2000s brings a certain touch of youth to it. Hannes writes and records every last detail by himself in his bedroom using garage- band on his phone.
  • ”Dying For A Name” is the debut single from this promising young talent, a lyric that came out of a conversation about modern time ideal struggles where success is everything. Being a young artist with big dreams we hear him asking questions that’s very relatable these days. The song is driven by the guitar hook which is one of Hannes’ strengths.
  • 25th of august 2023 Hannes released his first EP and went on his very first tour.

Hannes Aitman