Bobby Ljunggren, composer

Bobby Ljunggren is one of Sweden’s most successful composers with a career that spans over 30 years. Bobby Ljunggren is a unique melody maker and has composed a long string of classic hits such as “Kärleken Är”/Jill Johnson, “Se På Mig”/Jan Johansen, “Evighet”/Carola, “Min Kärlek”/Shirley Clamp, “Not A Sinner Nor A Saint”/Alcazar, “För Att Du Finns”/Sonja Aldén, “Empty Room”/Sanna Nielsen, “Hero”/Charlotte Perrelli, “Lay Your Love On Me”/BWO, “This Is My Life”/Anna Bergendahl and “Survivor”/Helena Paparizou to name a few. He has so far competed with 48 entries in Melodifestivalen and competed six times in Bobby Ljunggren has co-written Anna Bergendahl’s Melodifestivalen 2019 smash and finalist entry “Ashes To Ashes” which already is no. 1 on national radio chart Svensktoppen and a Top 20 hit on Spotify.the Eurovision Song Contest. Bobby Ljunggren is one of two composers with the most victories in Melodifestivalen over the years.  

2008 was an exceptional year for Bobby Ljunggren with three of his compositions in the final of Melodifestivalen – placing no. 1 “Hero”, no. 2 “Empty Room” and no. 3 “Lay Your Love On Me”. A remarkable achievement! In the same year Bobby Ljunggren was awarded the Composer of the Year prize at the Swedish Music Publishers Association awards. Internationally Bobby Ljunggren has, amongst others, collaborated with Greek superstar Michalis Hatzigiannis.

Robin Stjernberg, Composer / lyricist / topliner / producer / artist

Robin Stjernberg has besides his own songs as an Artist secured cuts with a long string of artists such as Jill Johnson, Benjamin Roustaing, Robin Bengtsson, Doug Seegers, Steerner, Niello, Lisa Ajax, Omar Rudberg, Oscar Enestad, Pawl, Martin Almgren, Sergio Sylvestre and the list goes on. Robin Stjernberg has won Melodifestivalen twice as a songwriter. The first time also as an Artist with the song “You”.

Robin Stjernberg’s break-through came in 2011 when he finished second place in the Swedish Idol. The debut album which was released shortly after Idol went straight to no. 1! In the following years Robin Stjernberg developed his songwriting and producer skills in various writer collaborations.

Robin Stjernberg has spent this last year travelling back and forth between Sweden and Nashville, where he, apart from having received a lot of adulation, has collaborated with award winning writers like Liz Rose, Gordie Sampson, Burt Butler and Matt Mcginn. He currently writes and produces for other artists and for his own up-coming album project planned to be released in 2020!

Lately Robin has also been writing songs together with Swedish country star Jill Johnson. The song-writing collaboration with Jill has produced the hit singles, “My Remedy” and “Are You Ready”. In recent years Robin has not only worked with several of Sweden’s most popular pop artists, like Omar Rudberg (“Om och om igen”), Oscar Enestad (“Sign Of My Love”), Lisa Ajax (“Torn”), but also for international artists like Benjamin Roustaing and Brandt.

Robin is highly rated as one of the top singers in Sweden and during the Introducing Nashville concert at the classic venue, Nalen in Stockholm last October, he cemented his reputation by giving an acclaimed performance  in front of a cheering audience.

Anna Bergendahl Composer / Lyricist / Topliner / Artist

Last year Anna made a long-awaited comeback with her two singles “Vice” and “Broken Melody”. “Vice” became one of the most played songs on Sweden’s biggest radio network P4. Shortly thereafter Anna released the follow-up EP “We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes EP” and a single with the same name.

Anna Bergendahl recently signed with Freebird Entertainment’s publishing division. One of the first songs to fall under the agreement is the smash and Melodifestivalen 2019 finalist entry “Ashes To Ashes”, which Anna has co-written with Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G:son and Erik Bernholm. “Ashes To Ashes” is already no. 1 on the national radio chart Svensktoppen, no. 1 on Itunes and a top 10 hit on Spotify.

In May Anna released the singel "Home" that she co-write with Niklas Carson Mattson and Per Magnusson.

Anna Bergendahl is 27 years old and has already been on stage for more than half of her life. She has been on a long and intensive musical journey from “Idol”, winning Melodifestivalen in 2010 with “This Is My Life”, Eurovision Song Contest, being no. 1 on the single and album charts, finding herself in the same studio with her dream producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, Melody Gardot) which led to a US album release by Decca Records. She sold platina and went on tour. Today Anna is returning with new, personalized material. Anna has managed to fit in her studies to become a qualified doctor and worked as a goodwill ambassador for the UN in conjunction with her career as an artist.

Isa Molin Composer / Lyricist / Topliner / Artist

Isa Molin is the hyped songwriter who knows what she stands for. She was mentioned as Sweden’s future hope in songwriting at the Swedish Music Publishers Association awards in 2016. Isa has collaborated with legendary songwriters all over the world – from her native Stockholm to London, Nashville and L.A. She has already managed to create an impressive song collection consisting of the Swedish Idol winner song 2015 “Can’t Hold Me Down” and secured cuts by Robin Stjernberg, Jill Johnson, Doug Seegers, Erik Rapp, Medina, Helena Paparizou and Lisa Ajax to mention a few. Isa Molin’s song “Torn”, performed by Lisa Ajax, has made it all the way to the final of Melodifestivalen 2019. “Torn” has been one of the biggest songs from the show on both radio and streaming. The sole entry in Melodifestivalen 2019 written entirely by just one writer which is really unique!

Being surrounded by music all her life, 26 year old Isa Molin has grown into being a versatile writer within chart topping pop, R&B and country. With lyrics and melodies based on pure feeling, there’s something about Isa’s music language that sticks with you. In true DIY spirit, Isa Molin has so far released two singles for her own solo project where she has acted as songwriter, producer, artist and her own label. The poppy debut single “Truth About Us” describes love when it isn’t quite what you had imagined it to be. Isa compensates her clear vocals with dark 80’s synths and creates a soundscape of contrasts and dynamics in the indie poppy tones and the clear cut lyrics. At the same time, Isa Molin proves that there’s a strength in vulnerability, in realness and in solitude.

Benjamin Roustaing Composer / lyricist / topliner / producer / artist

Benjamin Roustaing was born in France but grew up in London. He has always been surrounded by music. Benjamin was discovered by his first manager when he sang on a demo from one of the manager’s producers. Benjamin has since been given the opportunity to write extensively in Nashville, L.A., London and his new home town Stockholm.

Benjamin’s strength  lies in the focus he puts on the song itself , something that he has  learnt to appreciate  from various trips to Nashville’s Music Row. He writes mostly for dance, pop, singer/songwriter and indie genres. Since Benjamin signed with Freebird he has been involved in Robin Stjernberg’s latest EP and other artist projects such as Oscar Enestad. Benjamin has also released some tracks under his own artist project Benjamin Roustaing to the listeners’ appreciation.

Benjamin Roustaing discography: