Isa Molin

Isa Molin - Composer / Lyricist / Topliner / Artist

Being surrounded by music all her life, 28 year old Isa Molin has grown into being a versatile writer within chart topping pop, R&B and country. Isa has collaborated with legendary songwriters all over the world – from her native Stockholm to London, Nashville and L.A. She has already managed to create an impressive song collection and secured cuts by Steps, Robin Stjernberg, Jill Johnson, Doug Seegers, Klara Hammarström, Erik Rapp, Medina, Helena Paparizou and Lisa Ajax to mention a few. Molin’s song “Torn”, performed by Lisa Ajax, was uniquely the only sole entry in Melodifestivalen 2019, written entirely by just one writer!

With lyrics and melodies based on pure feeling, there’s something about Isa’s music language that sticks with you. In true DIY spirit, Isa Molin has so far released a number of singles for her own solo project where she acts as a songwriter, producer, artist and her own label. The poppy debut single “Truth About Us” describes love when it isn’t quite what you had imagined it to be. Isa compensates her clear vocals with dark 80’s synths and creates a soundscape of contrasts and dynamics in the indie poppy tones and the clear cut lyrics. At the same time, Isa Molin proves that there’s a strength in vulnerability, in realness and in solitude. Isa's latest release, "Somebody to lean on", is out everywhere now.